Saturday, 17 July 2010

Rimmel Vinyl Gloss

I have been in a lipstick and lipgloss buying mood lately and as well as the lovely Rose Bikini lipstick (reviewed here) I bought 3 new glosses from Rimmel too. They are called Vinyl Gloss and according to Boots these "have a great shine magnifying formula for beautiful juicy looking lips that are bursting with colour. Its pampering technology features a boosted magnifying Vinyl Shine Complex for a perfectly sculpted pout that is up to 80% shinier! The formula also boasts incredible light refraction and high colour retention for incredibly sexy lips that are sure to catch attention."
Well, I don't know. I mean I like the colours and the formula is nice, non sticky, non drying, but to be honest I have not noticed any magnifying, and I haven't been attracting any more attention lately than before (or certainly not because of these glosses!). They are nice, don't get me wrong, I just hate all this pretentious blah blah.
Anyway, the colours I got are Fashion Icon (coral), Her Majesty (raspberry pink with shimmer) and No Regrets (purple with shimmer). There's also a bit of shimmer in Fashion Icon, but not as much as in the other two. The colours in the tube are very bright, on the lips they're not as bright, but show up well. They cost £4.99 each and there's currently a 3 for 2 offer on these at Boots. Vinyl Glosses are avalable in 14 shades, so there will be something for everyone.
Fashion Icon, Her Majesty, No Regrets

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