Thursday, 8 July 2010

Mac In The Groove Look #5

Today I tried out the lovely green trio called Calm, Cool & Collected. I don't often wear green eyeshadow because I tend to like matching eyeshadows with my clothes and I don't wear a lot of green clothes. I'm not actually wearing much green today, but really wanted to try out this trio anyway. This is definitely one of my favourite eyeshadows from this collection, the colours work well together and that middle green shade is just gorgeous! I also wanted to wear Stereo Rose as I haven't included it in any of my looks lately, even though it is one of my favourite blushes. For the rest of the look I used a new lipstick that I picked up from Boots last Thursday (when I went to my Mac counter for my mega haul), it's a beautiful coral shade from Prestige called Fever. I guess it is similar to Jazzed, but it is brighter and less pink. I also used GOSH eyeliner pencil in Alligator and Guerlain Le 2 mascara in black. Here are some pictures of the look I created and the products used. Sorry for the short post, but it's been a busy day, it's now very late and I'm mega tired. See more pictures after the jump.


  1. Hello! I came across your swatch for Stereo Rose and other coral blushes in Spectra. I had an incurable lemming then (and found out all the stores have sold out). Your swatches helped me curb my lemming, as I already have Marine Life and Ripe Peach. Just want to thank you for such an incredibly helpful post there on Spectra!
    Thanks so much!

  2. I'm glad to have helped! Thanks for leaving such a lovely comment! :)


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