Wednesday, 14 July 2010

More Superglasses!

I popped over to one of my nearest Mac counters (I have 2 within 20 mins drive) on Monday and decided to pay a bit more attention to the Superglass collection display since last time I was in such a rush grabbing Stereo Rose and all my other In The Groove goodies, I only got a few of them. (You can see my original post on my In The Groove + Superglass haul here.) But since I really been like them, I decided to pick up a few more.
Top to bottom: Sweet Tart, Disco Blend, Sugar Overload
So after swatching all of them again, I decided to buy Sugar Overload, Disco Blend and Sweet Tart. Which really only leaves Tunnel Of Love out, but I really can't see how I would use a dark brown gloss like that. All 3 of the ones I got are pretty light and neutral, can be worn alone for a subtle look or to add shine and sparkle to lipsticks. As they are on the sticky side, they are quite longlasting. I have not had any trouble with the glitter, it doesn't transfer to my face, just disappears as the gloss fades. If you haven't yet checked them out, I thoroughly recommend that you do, don't forget, they're all limited editions. See more photos including swatches after the jump!
Sweet Tart, Disco Blend, Sugar Overload
Ooh pretty colours!

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