Saturday, 25 April 2015

Recent Nail Polish Purchases

Just wanted to show you a few of my recent nail polish purchases. First one is my Pshiiit Boutique Enchanted Polish order. Finally I'm the proud owner of Scintealliant, Pshiiit's exclusive shade that I kept missing out on and couldn't bear to pay $80+ for on nail polish selling sites.

I also placed a sizeable order with Darling Diva Polish last weekend when she released a few limited edition shades. I needed a few more for free shipping (over $75 internationally), so threw in a few older shaded. Carrie also kindly included a Pryzmatic PETC topcoat for free.

I also picked up a few polishes when browsing in the shops the other day. The new Leighton Denny shade (Loop the Loop) is from M&S, the Essence gel top coat is from Wilko and I got Blue Frost from H&M.

I'm really interested in trying the gel top coat out to see if it will help keep nail polish on me without chipping for more than 2 days. I usually do my nails every 2 days anyway, but it would be nice if my polish didn't chip much before I change it. I will let you know how it goes.

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