Friday 12 April 2013

How To Wear Coloured Eyeliner?

When the news about the Urban Decay 24/7 Eye Pencil Vault emerged, I read a few comments from people saying they don't normally wear coloured eyeliner because they don't know how to. So I thoght I'd put together a little post to show you a few ideas on how to wear coloured eyeliner. All pictures are clickable and will take you to the post they were originally posted in, so you can also see full face pictures.

I'd say there are 3 ways of using coloured eyeliner. One is to make an otherwise simple look pop. In the picture above I used black and beige eyeshadows, so I added a purple eyeliner on my bottom lashline to make it pop. In the picture below I used a gold eyeshadow and added purple eyeliner on both the top lashline (liquid) and the bottom lashline (pencil).

See more pictures and ideas on how to wear coloured eyeliner after the jump!

Another way I like to wear coloured eyeliner is to match it with my eyeshadows. So in the pictures below you can see I've matched a turquoise colour to my turquoise look and a mossy green with my green look.

Thirdly, I love using coloured eyeliner to contrast my eyeshadows. Usually something very bright is best for that. In the look below I added a bright turquoise liner to my pink, purple, blue look.

Finally I have another picture where I used coloured eyeliner with neutral colours as well as coloured mascara which is also a great way of making a look just a little more "zazzy". :)

Hope this is some use. Feel free to let me know in the comment how you like to wear coloured eyeliner!


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