Monday, 22 April 2013

Kiko Super Colour Eyeliner in 105 Jade Green

On a recent trip to Westfield I popped into the Kiko store and noticed their colourful liquid eyeliners. I picked up 105 jade Green, a colour I hadn't owned yet despite having loads of liquid eyeliners (mainly MUFE and Stila, but also other brands).

This is what Kiko say about the eyeliner: "Coloured Liquid Eyeliner in a water-resistant formula. Its water and polymer based formula creates a film of extra-brilliant no-transfer colour with great coverage. The light and gliding texture dries quickly adhering perfectly to eyelids, without fading or flaking. The innovative, cone-shaped applicator in soft felt makes application very comfortable, simple and perfectly measured, for a line that can go from thin to thick. Its special long-handled design ensures maximum control of application for lines that are always flawless. Exceptional by itself or on top of eyeshadow, eye pencil or classic eyeliner, Super Colour Eyeliner is available in 14 vibrant shades."

I'd say I agree with most of it, except that there is nothing innovative about the applicator as it's exactly the same as the above mentioned brands' applicators. Now that's not a bad thing, just nothing new. The formula is a little bit runny, watery for my liking and it takes a few goes to build up the colour and as a result it does take a little longer to dry, but once it's dry, it's going nowhere. However it comes off easily with oil based remover and unlike some other liquid eyeliners it dissolves rather than flakes off. Shade 105 Jade green is an almost duochromey light green shade with some yellow and blue shimmer to it depending on how the light hits it. Very pretty colour.

You get 1.7 ml for currently £3.90 (normally £6.90) which is a hell of a lot cheaper than MUFE and Stila, although I do feel that the formula isn't quite comparable, so I guess that's about alright.You can order it from Kiko's website (which I don't recommend due to a previous bad experience) or buy from a Kiko store in Westfield Stratford or Shepherd Bush.

See more pictures including swatches after the jump!

Taken with flash

Taken without flash in natural daylight

Wearing Jade Green on the upper lashline

Wearing Jade Green on the upper lashline


  1. Oh, that looks lovely on you. Timely too, as I've literally just in thelast couple of weeks tried liquid eyeliners! My one (and so far only) is an Estee Lauder Doublewear, and I do like the applicator/wear. However, it does tend to flake off right at the end of the day, so I'm interested to hear that this isn't true of all brands. Have you ever tried the Urban Decay version? I'm tempted by these, as I love most of their other products!

    1. Yes, I have! I can't remember which colours I have, black for sure (came with one of the Book of Shadows palette) and I think a grey/silver one too. None of the brands I've mentioned flake on me. I've never tried the Estee Lauder ones though, so can't comment on those.


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