Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Want It! Mac In Extra Dimension Collection April 2013

I am so excited, this coming spring Mac is releasing yet another collection of their Extra Dimension eyeshadows, skinfinishes AND even blushes, in all new shades! (If you don't know what I'm talking about, I have reviewed previous collections here and here.) I have managed to find a picture of the skinfinishes and as I thought based on the descriptions the skinfinishes have split pans. Can't wait to find out more! I'm pretty sure I'm going to get everything though (maybe not the brushes).

The new split pan skinfinishes together with the pearlmatte powders from Archie's Girls

Here are the details. All credit goes to Mac-Guy and Specktra.

Extra Dimension Skinfinish
Double Definition - Soft shimmery gold / Patina bronze
Shape The Future - Pastel pink with iridescence / Soft brick with shimmer
Definitely Defined - Silvery pink / Soft rose with shimmer

Extra Dimension Eyeshadow
Zestful - Pale iridescent lime
Extra Silver - True silver
Dimensional Blue - Frosty blue
Opalesse - Opalescent white with pink pearlized pigments
Triple Impact - Opalescent lavender with violet pearlized pigment
Smoky Mauve - Mid-tone mauve

Extra Dimension Blush
Flaming Chic - Bright blue pink
Bareness - Rosy beige pink
At Dusk - Mid-tone rose pink
Fiery Impact - Burnt red bronze
Blazing Heat - Mid-tone peach

128 Brush - Split Fibre Cheek Brush

235 Brush - Split Fibre All Over Eye Brush


  1. I am looking forward to the Year of The Snake small collection cos of the pretty designs put on the lipsticks, oh and Archie too even though I have no idea who Archie is

  2. Nice - I love the split pan skinfinishes, will definitely be wanting at least one of those, and probably a blush (or two?). The eyeshadows sound like colours that won't be good for me though, so might be saving a bit of money there(OK, not spending it, but you know what I mean :) ).


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