Saturday, 15 September 2012

Want It: Urban Decay Vice Eyeshadow Palette

Being a massive Urban Decay fan of course I was very happy to see news of this wonderful eyeshadow palette. Due to be released in the States in September, the palette contains 20 brand new shades (although some do look a bit familiar if you don't mind me) in a variety of matte, shimmer and satin finishes.

The shades included in this palette are:

  • Desperation Taupe brown with satin finish
  • Muse Deep sepia brown with multi-dimensoinal sparkle finish
  • Jagged Metallic black gold with shimmer finish
  • Blitz Metallic yellow gold with shimmer finish
  • Penny Lane Metallic peachy bronze pearl with golden shimmer finish
  • Junkie Dark green/blue pearl with golden shimmer
  • Chaos Bright blue matte
  • Occupy Metallic steel grey with multidimensional sparkle and shimmer finish
  • Unhinged Metallic electric turquoise with shimmer finish
  • Black Market Jet black satin
  • Provocateur Light metallic mauve with multi-dimensional sparkle and shimmer finish
  • Rapture Dark greyish purple with multi-dimensional shimmer finish
  • Vice Deep Eggplant purple with shimmer finish
  • Noise Electric punch pink with gold sparkle and shimmer finish
  • Armor Metallic dove grey with silver micro-glitter shimmer finish
  • Nevermind Metallic cork with shimmer finish
  • Echo Beach Pale wheat with shimmer finish
  • Anonymous Opaque almond with matte finish
  • Free Bird Pink champagne with silver micro-sparkle shimmer finish
  • Laced Opaque pinky taupe with matte finish

It also has a double-ended brush included, but no other extras, making it a much more slimline palette than the Books Of Shadows.

It'll cost $59 in the States, so I'm guessing around £45 for us, making it a great deal for 20 eyeshadows. The eyeshadows are 0.8 g each making them just over half size regular single eyeshadows (1.5 g) that retail for £14 each, plus there's a double ended eyeshadow brush, so it's certainly a great deal. I believe the palette is limited edition, but hopefully there'll be plenty to go around. I'd expect this to be available in the UK sometime in October.

See lots more pictures after the jump!


  1. I really want this, very glad that it is slimmer even though the flip up lid part is very cute. The packaging is also reminiscent of the anniversary palette. :) x

  2. Saw this on temptalia. I really want it too! I like that it doesn't have any repeats, which is the main reason why I don't have all that many palettes. I do enjoy the ones that I already have though!

  3. I don't need this bc I already have a bunch of their palettes but my bf ordered it for me.. It's BEAUTIFUL though. Urban Decay = ADDICTING!

  4. I'm dying for this palette! Need to add it to my collection, ashame we have to wait so long. I love the anniversary palette its beautiful n my fav =[ x

  5. I think I'll be giving UD palettes a miss finally. I have all their book of shadows and I hardly use them cos they're so big and clumsy! I'm looking forward to your swatches if you decide to get it!

  6. I'm still wanting one.but its still out of stock online at sephora.I'm.scared to get.a.fake l, err I need this palette.instead I ordered the smoked palette which is not what I wanted.oh well.


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