Monday, 4 April 2011

Finished! The March edition

I had quite a successful month as I managed to finish 7 products. First up is Avon Shimmer Swirls Face Illuminator. I actually finished 2 of these as I had one upstairs and one downstairs with not much left in either. This has long been discontinued, but I wouldn't repurchase anyway because it's not that good. There was a time when I thought it was great and bought tons of it, but back then I didn't even wear foundation just used this, however, this isn't even a good base, let alone good illuminator. Doesn't blend very well and ends up quite patchy, plus it's quite drying on my skin. I have since managed to flog my remaining stock on eBay, I was surprised how many people still wanted them and they soldat quite a good price. Originally I think they cost £10, I sold mine for £5-6 which isn't too bad. 

This is what they looked like when full(ish):

Find out what else I managed to finish after the jump!

Next up is Mac Volcanic Ash Thermal Mask (VATM). I love this stuff, it helps with my acne, I use it once a week or so together with Mac Volcanis Ash Exfoliator (VAE). Would repurchase it if it hadn't been discontinued, fortunately I have 2 back ups for now.

Another massive favourite of mine when it comes to skincare is Avon Anew Rejuvenate Mineral Facial Rinse-Off Treatment. Similar to Mac VATM, this helps loads with my acne (I get some horrid ones under my chinline that refuse to go away for weeks!), so I use this alternating with Mac VAE and VATM. This has been discontinued too, but I've recently managed to stock up on it thanks to eBay for as little as £3 delivered. Used to cost something like £17 in the brochure. (I took a photo of a new one, because the finished one looked almost unrecogniseable due to me squeezing the last little bit out of it.)

I sneaked this next one in even though I actually finished it on the 1st April because I had been using it all March and I really really wanted to include it. One of my favourite foundations, Givenchy Photo'perfection (what's with the apostrophy though???) gives a good medium coverage and helps make my face stay matte. I use shade 4 Perfect Vanilla which is a really good match for me. The only thing I'm less keen on is the scent, it is quite strong and I've gone off it, but it's a good foundation and I have a back up, so will definitely use that one up. Not sure if I'll buy another one though. It costs £30.50 for 25 ml.

Next up is Estee Lauder Gentle Eye Makeup Remover. I go through a bottle about every 3 months as I use this every night. I've reviewed this before, so will just say I still like it and will continue to buy it. It costs £17.50 for 100 ml.

Another cleanser, Boots No 7 Age Defence Cleansing Balm. This was a sample, it was okay, but nothing special. Wouldn't repurchase it, I'm sure there's better cleansers around.

Although I love finishing products I was kinda sad about this next one as I absolutely loved it and this is also a discontinued product (having said that, I have actually managed to find it on the Space NK website). Not only that, it cost £88! This is Chantecaille White Tiger Face Powder Compact. (I haven't reviewed this separately, but you can see a picture of how it used to look here.) I used this powder all the time and it pops up in quite a few looks, it's very luxurious and the shade suits me perfectly. The compact itself is really beautiful and it really bothers me you can't buy powder refills for it even though it is technically refillable (you can pop the pan out very easily), and face powder compacts cost around £46 from Chantecaille, so not cheap. Now what do I do with this compact? It has a nice big mirror, a puff in the compartment below, but no powder. It's too pretty to throw away, but quite bulky to carry around in my bag. Anyway, luckily I do have a back up of this (still untouched) and I have just managed to buy another one from eBay for £40 plus postage thankyouverymuch. I know it's still very expensive, but it really is a wonderful product and I don't mind paying that much for it.

Well, that's it. Don't think there'll be many finished products next month as I don't seem to be running low on anything right now, maybe I can muster up an empty perfume bottle and a handcream? Be sure to check bak to find out!


  1. Wow you've had a great month for using stuff up! x

  2. Actually, I was quite surprised, I'd forgotten about a few, thought there were only 4 or 5. :)

  3. hi , nice blog , now i m following you .


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