Monday, 13 August 2012

Guerlain Fall 2012 - Rose Aux Joues Blush Duos Review and Swatches

Guerlain has lunched 6 new blush duos this fall/autumn and I have 3 of them to show you. I didn't actually buy the blushes with the compacts, because I felt that £32.50 was a bit steep for them, instead I managed to get my hands on 3 unused testers on eBay for about half the price. They are still full size, only they come without the fancy compact. Still fully portable as they come with a secure plastic lid.

I got Peach Boy, Over Rose and Pink Punk as you can see in the picture above. Peach Boy and Pink Punk were the ones I was particularly interested in trying out.

Peach Boy is a nice peachy coral blush duo. The bigger half of the duo is a satiny finish coral-peach blush and the smaller half is a shimmery more peachy shade. I would use the smaller half as highlighter, but it could also work as blush on its own.

Over Rose is the least interesting one of the three I got. The top half is slightly forsty, but not really shimmery, and the bottom half is satiny light pink shade. It is also quite poorly pigmented, I need to pack it on to make it show up properly.

Pink Punk is more pigmented, although it isn't as scary as it looks in the pan. The top half is a bright pink shade, the bottom half is a darkish dirty plummy shade. I used the bottom half as contour as well as on its own and it works well both ways.

Do I think these blushes are very special and worth £32.50? If you don't have a lot of blushes already, it's not too bad value as you get 6.5 g which is a regular size for a blush, but you get two colours to use together or separately. But in all fairness, I don't think they are that special. Peach Boy and Pink Punk are lovely shades and you might not own anything like them, but Over Rose is a bit dull in my opinion.

These blushes are part of the permanent line as the old 4 colour blushes have been discontinued, so no need to rush out to buy them immediately. However, if you have or planning to, let me know which ones you got!

See more pictures including swatches after the jump!

Here are thye swatches. I swatched the top half first, then the bottom half.

Peach Boy, Over Rose, Pink Punk
Taken with flash

Peach Boy, Over Rose, Pink Punk
Taken without flash in natural daylight

Peach Boy, Over Rose, Pink Punk
Taken without flash in direct sunlight

Wearing Peach Boy on the cheeks

Wearing Over Rose on the cheeks

Wearing Pink Punk on the cheeks

Finally, a little bit off topic, but what do you think of my new hair colour? I've decided I wanted a change, so I went for Mahogany. It's a little darker and more purple than I planned, but I'm getting used to it.


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