Sunday, 1 May 2011

NOTD: Zoya Apple nailpolish - swatches and review

Today I'm wearing Zoya's new nailpolish called Apple from the Sunshine Collection which is a gorgeous apple green colour (hence the name) with gold sparkle. It is absolutely gorgeous, a very nice summer colour, bright and cheerful. I'm not a green person as in I don't often wear green clothes, make up or nail polish (I do recycle and try to do my best for the environment though!), but this kind of green I find very wearable. The formula is pretty good, quite runny, but the colour opaque enough to only require two coats. Dries fairly quickly too, but unfortunately as any other nail polish it didn't last for longer than 24 hours on me without chipping (my nails are very soft and bendy).

I'm not too sure where Zoya nail polishes are available to buy in the UK, I ordered mine (the whole set) from eBay. If you do know where they can be purchased in the UK, please let me know in the comments. They cost $8 each in the USA by the way which is a very good price for such a big bottle (I think it's 15 ml).

Finally I leave you with some more pictures after the jump!

Without flash

With flash


  1. thats a great colour for only 2 coats, usually glitter polishes take about a million coats.

  2. This isn't a glitter polish though, it has shimmer, but it's very smooth, no glitter in sight. As a result, should be easy to remove too which is what I really hate about glitter polishes - take forever to remove. :(


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