Friday, 14 January 2011

It's spring! Yves Saint Laurent Boheme Libertine spring 2011 collection review

Okay, I know it's not technically spring yet, but as far as the beauty brands are concerned, it is, because the new spring collections are all coming out and I have already indulged in a few of them.

First up I will show you my rather small (by my standards anyway) haul from Yves Saint Laurent. The collection consists of quite a few items (details can be found here), but only these three caught my eye (and I'm still wondering whether or not to cough up £39.50 for the eyeshadow quint - when did YSL get this expensive???).

I got the Pink Celebration Palette and two of the four Golden Glosses (#40 and #41). Pink Celebration Palette is a gorgeous light pink highlighter powder. It's not too shimmery, but it does give a lovely sheen. I didn't swatch this as I don't like ruining the design straight away, but I did swatch it at the counter and it is gorgeous. Golden Glosses has a wonderful texture, not sticky, not too thick, they are shimmery and are definitely one of my favourite lipglosses. I got Golden Impertinence (bright pink) and Golden Insolence (bright pinky purple). Both have good pigmentation, but are sheerer than they look in the tube. There's also a lighter pink and a coral gloss in the collection, but they felt quite sheer to me, so didn't get them.

Overall, I don't think Boheme Libertine is my favourite spring collection, but there are some nice products, and I definitely recommend checking it out. There are some lovely cream blushes that some of you might like too (I'm not a cream blush person myself) and the eyeshadow quint has some interesting shades (love the pink and green!). 

See more photos and swatches after the jump!

Pink Celebration Palette, Golden Impertinence, Golden Insolence

Pink Celebration Palette, Golden Impertinence, Golden Insolence

Pink Celebration Palette, Golden Impertinence, Golden Insolence

Golden Impertinence, Golden Insolence

Pink Celebration Palette

Pink Celebration Palette

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  1. The highlighter is just stunning! Love the packaging x


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