Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Mac Alice + Olivia dazzleglass cremes and Partylicious pigment

This review is probably a bit late since some of the Alice + Olivia collection is now sold out online, and the only other place they're sold is Harrods, which will only suit those living in London. The dazzleglass cremes are all still available, but Partylicious and Later pigments are now sold out, together with one of the nail polishes. the curse of limited edition. I was lucky (and determined) enough to buy Partylicious pigment before it sold out and I'm pretty happy with it. It's a nice medium turquoise shade, finely milled and not at all glittery. I got two of the dazzleglass cremes: If It's Pink and Sparklicious, which are very glittery as dazzleglasses should be. If It's Pink is a bright pink shade, less shimmery than Sparklicious, a milky pale pink with loads of glitter. If It's Pink works well on its own, Sparklicious is probably better layered on top of a brighter lipstick.
Sparklicious, If It's Pink, Partylicious
See more pictures of my haul and me wearing some of these products!
My haul from Alice + Olivia
Sparklicious, If It's Pink, Partylicious
And finally here are some pictures of me wearing some of these products:
Wearing Partylicious pigment, Glaringly Hip dazzle lipstick
Wearing Partylicious pigment and Glaringly Hip dazzle lipstick
Wearing Sparklicious dazzleglass creme


  1. I love the first look on you its really really pretty x

  2. what blush are you wearing? *there's always one annoying commenter*

  3. You're not annoying at all, hun. In the top two pictures I'm wearing Estee Lauder Peach Nuance blush (dupe for Mac Ripe Peach by the way), and the bottom one it's Estee Lauder Color Stones illuminating powder (not sure what it's called exactly, it's discontinued LE).


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